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It is more difficult to rejuvenate your landscape than reseeding your lawn. However, many homeowners decide that sod is the best choice to quickly establish a beautiful lawn. Here are four great advantages of sod installation:

When SOD Is Needed

If you are building a new house or have recently had major landscaping work done, it may be necessary to install sod. You may be able to save money if your lawn is full of unwanted grasses or has more than 50% of weeds.

Instant Enjoyment

Sod is mature grass with a soil layer held together by netting. For an “instant” lawn, it is sold in rolls that can be rolled at-site.

A sod lawn has the greatest advantage because it is easy to maintain and can withstand normal traffic in as little as two weeks. It will be ready for more intense fun and games in a few weeks. While delicate grass seedlings take root, you don’t need to stay away from the area for several months. A seeded lawn can take 18 months to mature. The soil is also extremely susceptible to erosion from rain, wind and foot traffic. Conversely, sod begins controlling erosion instantly.

Denser Lawns

It is possible to leave bare spots when you plant seeds. This can make it difficult to get the seeds established in those areas. Sod is dense and discourages weeds from growing. It also keeps your home cleaner as dirt and dust are trapped in the soil, making it less likely that they will make it to your front door.

Newly seeded lawns, on the other hand, must compete with weeds – and weeds tend be more resilient and faster-growing than grass.

You Do Not Need to Water As Much

For the first few weeks of sod planting, it will need to be watered twice daily. Once established, however, watering can be reduced depending on the weather or the situation. Seeded lawns, on the other hand, require four waterings per day to keep them moist. This is to allow seeds to germinate and for fragile seedlings to develop deep roots.

Great Flexibility

Sod is flexible in its installation. Sod can be installed at any time during the growing season. However, it is best to not have it done in the heat of summer because the sod will need more water to establish itself.

Sod is the most popular choice for homeowners due to its ease of use. You can find grasses suitable for your climate, so you will get the best grasses that thrive.

The job of professional sod installers goes beyond just laying the sod. Soil preparation is essential because your home’s growing conditions may be different from those at the sod farm. They will also test the soil for pH and organic matter. If necessary, they will amend your soil to make it more suitable for lush lawns.

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