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Your lawn is much more than just grass. It is also the backdrop for your home’s landscaping and curb appeal. A healthy, attractive lawn can seem impossible to achieve if your front yard is bare at the moment. Sod can help you reach this goal. It takes only a few days to transform a dirt lawn into a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Proper installation and maintenance are essential if your lawn is to thrive. These guidelines and your contractor can help you avoid common sod grass mistakes.

Wrong Grass

It may surprise you to find out that not all sod equals the same. There are many types of grasses available. Sod is grass. You may assume that any kind of sod grass is acceptable because it has already begun to grow.

The wrong kind of grass can cause the sod to not root into the ground. This could prevent you from getting the lawn you desire and have invested in. You must choose the right kind of sod grass to suit your climate.

Bermuda and other warm-season grasses are great for sunny areas that have drought-like conditions. When choosing your sod, if you live in a cooler climate or have lots of shade, choose a cool-season grass like fescue.

Insufficient Water

Although sod is a type of instant grass, it must be established in the soil and dirt if you wish to have a beautiful and healthy lawn for many years.

It is important to water your lawn well in the first few days after it has been installed. Experts recommend watering your new lawn two to four times per day for the first seven to ten days of installation.

You can inspect your sod to determine if it needs watering. If the lawn leaves no footprints when you walk on it, then it is not getting enough water. Pull back a section of sod grass if it is not firm enough to examine the soil beneath. If the soil is dry, it will need to be watered more often.

You can begin to reduce the amount of water your lawn receives after about two weeks.

Wrong Time

While sod can create an instant lawn, it must be allowed to grow into the ground in order to enjoy your lawn for a long time. You must not only plant the correct sod grass, water it well, and lay the sod at a suitable time.

Many people believe that you can lay sod at any time of the year. However, seasons with too high or low temperatures will affect how the sod grows. Lay the sod in spring or autumn to get the best results. This is when the temperatures are lower and the grass roots will be more likely to grow.

Improper Prep

It is possible to create an instant lawn using sod, but it takes some preparation. A foundation that is strong and healthy will allow the sod to be fully integrated into the ground.

Before you plant the sod, remove any dead grass, clumps or clay, twigs and roots. To make sure the soil is level, topsoil must be added to fill in any low spots.

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