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Reseeding your lawn is a more difficult way to revive your landscape. Many homeowners choose to install sod in order to quickly create a beautiful lawn. There are four major benefits to sod installation.

SOD is Required

It may be necessary to put in sod if you are building a house from scratch or have had major landscaping work done. If your lawn has more than 50% of weeds, or is full of undesirable grasses, you may be able save money.

Instant Enjoyment

Sod is mature grass that has a soil layer and is held together with netting. It is available in rolls that can easily be rolled on-site for an instant lawn.

The best thing about a sod lawn is its ease of maintenance and ability to withstand normal traffic within two weeks. In just a few weeks, it will be ready to play and have more fun. Although delicate grass seedlings may take a while to grow, you don’t have to be away from the area for many months. It can take up to 18 months for a seeded lawn to mature. The soil is very susceptible to wind, rain and foot traffic. However, sod can control erosion immediately.

Denser Lawns

When you plant seeds, it is possible to leave some areas bare. It can be difficult to plant seeds in these areas. The soil is dense, which discourages the growth of weeds. Because dirt and dust are trapped within the soil, it makes it less likely they will make their way to your front door.

However, newly seeded lawns must contend with weeds. Weeds are more resilient and can grow faster than grass.

You don’t need to drink as much water

It will require watering twice daily for the first few weeks after sod planting. However, once the sod is established, the watering frequency can be decreased depending on the weather and the conditions. To keep seeded lawns moist, they need four waterings daily. This is necessary to allow seeds to germinate, and to ensure that fragile seedlings develop deep roots.

Amazing Flexibility

Sod can be installed in many ways. You can install sod at any time during the growing seasons. It is better to avoid sod installation in summer heat as the sod will need to grow and establish itself.

Because of its ease-of-use, sod is the most preferred choice for homeowners. There are grasses for every climate. You will find the best grasses that grow.

Professional sod installers do more than just lay the sod. Because your home may have different growing conditions than the one at the sod farm, soil preparation is crucial. They will test the soil for organic matter and pH. They will amend the soil if necessary to make it suitable for lush lawns.

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