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A professional lawn care company doesn’t mean you need to be the envy of your neighbors. Lawn pros won’t do any work to your grass that you don’t know how to do.

We’re more than happy to share our secrets with them, even though they might not want it. Continue reading to learn the 6 steps you can take to create a beautiful lawn that will make your neighbors jealous. These are lawn secrets, but you can share them!

Feed your pet 4 times a year

You read that correctly. Many lawn owners believe that a single spring feeding is sufficient to maintain a lush lawn. Lawn pros know that grass needs to be fertilized multiple times per year.

Scotts believes that 4 feedings is the ideal number, and so we include this in our Scotts(r), Lawn Care Program.

Northern lawns: Use Scotts(r), Turf Builder(r), Halts Crabgrass Preventer With Lawn Food in the early spring to give your lawn a boost for fast greening and stop crabgrass from growing.

Apply Scotts(r), Turf Builder(r), Weed & Feed later in the spring to nourish your grass and kill dandelion, clover and other major weeds. For summer feeding, use Scotts(r] Turf Builder(r] Summerguard(r] Lawn Food with Insecticide to strengthen your lawn’s resistance to heat and drought as well as control insects such as chinch bugs or armyworms.

In the fall, prepare your lawn for winter with Turf Builder(r), WinterGuard(r), Fall Lawn Food. This helps grass grow deep roots and gives you a jump start in spring. Follow all instructions on product labels.

Southern lawns: Use Scotts(r), Turf Builder(r), Bonus(r), S Southern Weed & Food to fertilize your lawn. This will kill weeds such as clover and dollarweed, while allowing grass to grow thicker to crowd out any future weeds.

To help your lawn grow thick and strong, feed it with Scotts(r), Southern Lawn Food. In the fall, you can finish off with another round of Turf Builder(r), Bonus(r), S Southern Weed & Food. It is important to always follow the label instructions.

You don’t need to print a list or make multiple trips to the shop. The right Scotts(r), Lawn Care Program can be delivered to you no matter where you live. This will ensure that you have all the tools you need to maintain your lawn throughout the year.

You need a spreader to apply fertilizer to your lawn. Scotts(r), has the right spreader for you. The Scotts(r), Whirl(tm), Hand-Powered Spreader is best suited for small yards. It applies quickly and has adjustable arm support. The Scotts(r), Turf Builder(r), Edgeguard(r), DLX Broadcast Spreader is the best choice for small yards.

Mow at the correct time and height

The pros also know that how and when you mow your lawn can have a big impact on its appearance. For the type of grass that you are growing, make sure the mower is set at the highest setting. Cool-season grasses will need to be about 2 1/2 to 3 1/4 inches.

Some warm-season grasses do better when cut shorter. This article explains how to mow the lawn . You can encourage grass to grow to its maximum height by shading the soil and encouraging it to develop a deeper root system.

You should also mow your lawn frequently enough to not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade height. To avoid grass clumps, wait until the grass has dried. Also, you should vary the mowing pattern so as not to create ruts by repeatedly mowing along the same track.

Water your Lawn Correctly

Although it might seem tempting to give your lawn a quick watering, a professional will tell you that deep watering is better and should be done less often. A good way to help your lawn survive drought is to give it a long soak.

It’s time for watering if the grass is starting to turn a grayish color and the blades aren’t bouncing back when you walk on it. You can push a 1/4-inch diameter plant stake or dowel into the ground with the sprinkler. The soil should not be so saturated that it drips if you squeeze one handful of it. However, you want it to be sticky.

It is worth noting that grass needs less water in spring and fall than it does in summer. You might only need to water your grass once a week in spring, while you might need to water it three times a week in summer.

You don’t need to water if it rains hard.

Premium grass seed is best.

It is a common saying that grass seed is expensive. You can be sure that premium grass seeds will germinate quickly, provide even coverage and remain in place.

Turf Builder(r), grass seed is coated with WaterSmart(r), PLUS coating, which absorbs 2X as much water than uncoated seeds. This allows for seedlings to be nourished and protected against disease. Lawn professionals know that premium grass seed will give you a thicker lawn, making it easier to maintain.

Spot-control weeds.

A basic pro-lawn tip is to keep your lawn weed free. It’s much easier to maintain a lawn by spot-controlling weeds, than to try and save a lawn that is already overgrown by them.

Prevent Grubs

Grubs are the worst thing for turf, and they can be devastating. The pros know this, and it is crucial to get them caught early before they hatch.

You can keep grubs away from your lawn for upto 4 months by applying Scotts(r), GrubEx(r), from spring through early summer.

Bonus: Grubs provide food for moles. They are second only to grubs in lawn destruction. The moles won’t have as many reasons to roam your yard if you get rid of the grubs.

These lawn-care secrets will help you get a professional looking lawn for a DIY budget. You know what comes with a beautiful lawn? Bragging rights.

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