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A freshly cut lawn is a finishing touch for a home. Although it is possible to plant sod quickly with patience and skill, it can be difficult.

These are the benefits of sod installation homeowners should be aware of when installing a lawn.

What can sod installation do for your landscaping?


It can take seeds several weeks to reach full height and grow roots. Sod can quickly restore your lawn.


Growing grass from seeds requires the right temperature and moisture. Your lawn will grow quicker if there is too much rain, too much heat, or both.

Sod can withstand more severe weather conditions when properly installed.


Seeds must be planted at the right time depending on the grass type. However, you can still install sod if the ground hasn’t frozen. This allows you to take a lot more time when installing your lawn.


Your seeds should be watered for at least the first few weeks after being planted. It is important not to overwater your seeds. You don’t need to water new sod as often.

Rate of success

It can be difficult to plant grass seeds using seeds. Many homeowners have had to have their lawns cut up in order to plant new grass. The result was often unattractive, patchy and muddy. New lawns will have sod covering 100%.

Controlling erosion

Grass acts as an erosion control agent. Once the seed has matured, the sod can start to perform its functions immediately. If grass is grown from seeds, one rainstorm could cause soil erosion.

There is less patchwork

Some areas of newly-sown lawns might fill in, while others may not. You will need to patch up the lawn after seeding. The lawn should be evenly laid, with no bare spots.

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