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We are well aware that many homeowners are shocked at how much effort it takes to maintain a green, healthy lawn. This can be even more daunting when you consider that different grass types offer different suggestions.

Even if the mistake is not related to your turf type, lawn care errors can cause serious damage.

With a little planning and understanding, you can have a healthy lawn. These tips will help you understand how to achieve the results that you desire.

Here’s what you need to know about getting started with Zoysia.

Planting Zoysia grass has many key benefits. It is a turf variety that can withstand heavy traffic and is fairly tolerant to pests (though we will discuss some concerns).

It spreads quickly and tends to crowd out weeds when healthy and thick. It requires less frequent mowing, which homeowners also appreciate.

Because of its slow growth, Zoysia grass lawns should be laid with sod.
It is important to fertilize Zoysia grass properly. It is recommended to fertilize your Zoysia grass with a premium product. Also, ensure that you are putting down at least 3 pounds of Nitrogen each year.

Zoysia grass requires a minimum of half an inch of water each week. Healthy growth can be ensured by properly watering your Zoysia lawn.

What Zoysia grass problems should I be aware of?

Although Zoysia grass can be a great choice overall, it is not the best type of turf. We’ll be discussing some Zoysia lawn problems that you should be aware of. You can avoid potential problems and keep your lawn healthy by knowing what to expect.

Zoysia’s ability to quickly spread is a major problem for some homeowners.

This is a great feature. However, if it’s left unchecked it can spread to other areas, like flower beds.

Zoysia grass is also not tolerant to shade, so it will not work well if your lawn has a lot of trees.

Zoysia grass is naturally resistant against many pests. However, the most common problems are with lawn grubs and surface-feeding chinch bug larvae.

Zoysia grass also has a higher risk of getting lawn fungus than Bermuda grass in spring and autumn.

Both Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass are equally effective against weeds. A thick, healthy lawn can naturally fight weed growth. However, there are common weeds in the region.

Hire a professional to take the confusion out of Zoysia grass lawn care

We know that lawn care for any type of turf can feel overwhelming if you think about all the “Dos” as well as the “Don’ts.”

It can also be overwhelming to remember that different grass types have different needs.

There’s an easy way for you to make it easier: hire a professional!

Working with a professional lawn care company can reduce confusion and allow you to leave the job in the capable hands of someone who knows exactly what your lawn needs. This is important because most lawns don’t have one type of turf. They are made up of a mix of different types. A professional can help you make informed decisions about your lawn, based on what it is made of.

The best lawn care professionals will not only help to produce healthy lawns, but they will also offer cultural suggestions that will guide you in taking the right steps for lawn care.

They will generally recommend watering tips and other ways to help you produce the best results.

This assumes that you hire the right professional to care for your lawn. The truth is, not all lawn care companies will be the same.

You need to make the right choice when choosing lawn care professionals. This will ensure that you have the best experience and results.

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