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We clearly understand that a good amount of homeowners are surprised by how much work can go into producing a healthy, green lawn. It can become even more overwhelming when you realize that a variety of grass types have different suggestions.

Unfortunately, when lawn care mistakes are made, even if it’s just mistakes related to your turf type, it can set you back.

Fortunately for you, with just a little bit of forethought and understanding, you can be on your way to a healthy lawn. This should help you to better understand how to get the results you’re looking for.

What You Need to Know about Getting Started with Zoysia Grass

There are definitely some key benefits to planting Zoysia grass. It’s a turf type that can tolerate heavy traffic and is relatively tolerant to pests (though there are some concerns which should be on your radar, which we’ll talk about).

It easily spreads over time and tends to naturally crowd out weeds when it’s thick and healthy. Homeowners also report that they appreciate its slow growth habit since it requires less frequent mowing.

Mainly because of its slow growing nature, Zoysia grass lawn should be started with sod.

Properly fertilizing Zoysia grass is also important. It is recommended that you fertilize with a premium product and make sure we’re putting down the recommended 3 pounds of Nitrogen per year.

In terms of watering, Zoysia grass needs a half inch of water per week. Making sure that you’re watering your Zoysia lawn properly will help ensure healthy growth.

What Zoysia Grass Problems Should I Know About?

While Zoysia grass is overall a great choice, there is no such thing as a “perfect” turf type. That’s why we’ll discuss some Zoysia grass problems that should be on your radar. Knowing what to expect can help you prevent concerns and maintain the healthy lawn you desire.

One main problem that some homeowners have with Zoysia is its ability to spread rapidly.

While this can be a feature that is appreciated about it, due to its ability to “fill in spots,” if left unchecked, it can also start to spread into places where it’s not wanted, such as flower beds.

Zoysia grass also does not tolerate shade well, so if you have a lawn with a lot of trees, this will not be your ideal choice.

Although Zoysia grass is naturally resistant to a lot of pests, the most common problems tend to be with surface-feeding chinch bugs and sub-surface-feeding lawn grubs.

As far as disease, Zoysia grass is also more likely to get lawn fungus in the spring and fall than Bermuda grass, another common turf type in our area.

But when it comes to weeds, both Zoysia grass and Bermuda grass fight the same foes. While a thick and healthy lawn can help naturally defend against weed growth, there are some common weeds that are often battled in our region.

Hiring a Pro to Take the Confusion Out of Zoysia Grass Lawn Care

We understand that lawn care for any turf type can begin to feel complicated when you start thinking about all of the “Dos” and the “Don’ts.”

In addition, when you mix in the fact that different grass types have different requirements, it can all start to feel like too much to keep track of.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to simplify the process for yourself—hire a pro!

By working with a lawn care professional, you can help reduce a lot of confusion and simply leave it in the hands of someone who is trained to know exactly what your lawn needs. This can be important as most lawns are not made up of a single turf type but of a blend, instead. It’s helpful to hire a professional who can make informed decisions about your lawn based on exactly what it’s composed of.

The best pros not only take steps on their end to help produce a healthy green lawn, but they’ll also make cultural recommendations that will help you take the proper steps for any aspect of lawn care that you’re responsible for.

This means that they’ll generally suggest watering tips and other ways that you can help produce the greenest results possible.

Of course, this is all assuming that you choose the best professional for your lawn’s care. At the end of the day, the fact is that not all lawn care companies are created equal.

It’s important that you’re making a wise choice in lawn care professionals in order to get the best overall experience and results.

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