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Are you ready to choose a new sod? Time for a fun little quiz. (You might just discover something about yourself.

Every plant is different. Different varieties thrive in different environments, under different conditions. You can’t make it thrive if you choose the wrong variety for your garden.
A few key questions can help you narrow down the type of property that’s right for your needs.

What is the state of your yard? Sunny or shady?

You must ensure that the sod you plant is appropriate for your garden’s environment.

For most types of sod, sunlight is the best.

What about if you have shade in your yard? St. Augustine sod doesn’t require much sunlight, so it can be used on both direct and shady lawns.

What can you do for your yard?

Are there any weekends where children play soccer?

Empire Zoysia, Palisades Zoysia, and Palisades Zoysia have more foot traffic than other varieties.

Are you a dog owner?

St. Augustine is more resistant to urine from dogs than other sod varieties. Zoysia has a higher risk of developing brown spots.

Think about how you’ll use your yard, not how it looks.

Which level of maintenance would you like?

Do you love mowing your lawn and are you passionate? Are you passionate about mowing your lawn?

If you enjoy the chore of maintaining a lawn, Celebration Bermuda might be for you.

It has beautiful colors, fine blades and soft feel. It must be kept in good condition.

A reel mower is the best option to keep it mowed. During the heavy growing season, it should be mowed at most three times per week.

It must be watered every day and fertilized and weeded each month.

It looks natural and doesn’t require any maintenance. It’s easy to maintain, it looks natural and lasts for a long time.

Expect to pay between $8-12 per square feet upfront. You can save money on maintenance.

Intrigued? Are you curious?

Are you using an irrigation system?

This is crucial. This is important for St. Augustine, who needs to be hydrated often.

Argentine Bahia, however, is well-known for its ability to survive on rainwater.

You can get the best selection from a seasoned Alabama or Florida company.

Are You Picky?

You don’t need to be picky. Bahia grass is a great choice. It can be mixed with many grass types and may contain wild grasses and weeds. This makes it not a popular choice for residential lawns. It is not well-known for its quality.

Bahia grass may have desirable qualities you might like, especially if it is low-maintenance and you don’t mind some irrigation.

Bahia varieties are known for their ability thrive in infertile soils. It might only require two applications of feed- and weed-control each year.

This grass could be your ideal, no-nonsense choice.

Are you looking for all-purpose grass?

St. Augustine is the top pick for the best soil in this region.

It can adapt to both the Alabama and Florida climates.

Zoysia is another popular option for homeowners who want to sodgrass.

It looks great in a variety of environmental conditions including drought recovery and dense green.

It doesn’t grow fast, resists weeds, and can withstand wear.

It is a premium grass and doesn’t need the same care as Bermuda.

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