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To grow a lawn from scratch takes time. It can take several weeks to grow a lawn from scratch. To ensure that the grass grows evenly, you must closely monitor it once it sprouts.

Sod can be an alternative to traditional lawns. This guide will help determine if sod is the right choice for you. This guide will show you how to install sod and how it can be maintained after it has been installed.

While sod might be an effective solution to your lawn problems, there are other options. You might want to hire a professional lawn service company if your lawn is looking patchy or lackingluster.

What is sod?

Sod is grass with a thin layer attached of soil. It is usually held together by a large root network or biodegradable material. It can be taken from grass that has already grown roots and it is often found in areas where landscaping needs to be completed quickly. It can be found in many places, including schools, golf courses, and sports stadiums.

These people don’t want to waste their time waiting for grass to grow or planting it. With roots already in place, they can install a lawn in minutes. Many homeowners choose sod for similar reasons. A lush green lawn can improve the curb appeal of a home and provide a space for families to enjoy.

Many benefits can be derived from sod

Sod is not only beautiful, but also has many other benefits. It is easy to plant a lawn with sod. It can take several months for a lawn to mature after being seeded.

This period is especially dangerous for hills because any water or wind that comes in contact with the lawn can cause substantial amounts of erosion.

Sod eliminates the dirt and mud that comes with seeding a lawn. Once the sod is installed, it does not need to remain exposed dirt. The roots and stems have already been established. If it rains, or it is watered, your lawn will not turn into a muddy swamp.

Why choose sod over grass seed?

Both sod installation and using grass seed to plant a lawn have their pros and cons. Sod is considered to be a more labor-intensive alternative to seeding a lawn. Hydroseeding or spray-on grass seed can be used to reduce the effort required to seed your lawn.

Below are some of the main advantages and disadvantages to sod and seeds.

Types of grassAdvantagesAdvantages
SodInstant lawn installationIt is expensive to install and maintain.
SeedThere are many seeds to choose from. Some are even mixed.You must be punctual to avoid weeds and patchy areas. It takes longer to maintain a dense lawn.

Where can I get sod in my locality?

Search online for local farms to find high-quality sod. Customers who buy sod from these sod companies can get delivery services. There may be different grass varieties available in different areas. Ask your supplier for information about the available varieties.

Do you require sod near me?

It is important that you install your new lawn as soon as it arrives from your supplier. Many sod farms offer installation as part of their sod service. It is possible to do it yourself, but it is better to hire a professional landscaping or lawn care company. Hiring a professional can help you save time and ensure your lawn is correctly installed.

How to install sod

Installing your sod lawn yourself can help you save money. It may sound simple in theory but it can be difficult to install sod. Before ordering your sod, you will need to plan. This guide will help you prepare the soil for sod.

Before you install sod,

After you’ve decided to put sod in your lawn, prepare your soil. Before you make any soil changes, it is important to conduct a soil test. A soil test is easy to conduct. It is easy to test soil by simply taking a small amount of soil to send to a laboratory.

This simple test can give you important information about your lawn’s soil, including pH levels and vital nutrients. You can use your results to adjust the amount of fertilizer or other additives in your topsoil to suit your new lawn. Professional lawn-care companies such as TruGreen, often offer soil testing as part of an initial lawn analysis.

Sod should be installed immediately after it has been harvested, as it is a living plant. Before the sod arrives, prepare your soil for installation. These steps will prepare the soil for sod-installation.

  1. Till the soil Use a spade, rototiller or shovel to till the soil about 6 inches deep.
  2. Get rid of all debris Pick up any weeds, stones and sticks still in the soil.
  3. Level the soil Use a rake or a shovel to level it until there is only one layer. To level it further, you can use a lawn roller to pack it tight.
  4. Fertilize the soil and remove weeds

How to lay sod

Once your soil is tested and ready for sod, your sod supplier will deliver your lawn. This is usually done in rolls. Lawn services are able to install sod throughout the year as long as the ground remains dry and not frozen. Sod can also be used in areas that are not covered by grass.

You can use pallets or piles to make large yards easier to install. To install your new lawn, you will need a tiller and lawn roller.

You are now ready to install your grass. We have provided step-by-step instructions for a quick and easy installation.

  1. Use a rake to loosen soil about 1/2 inch. This will help you root the soil.
  2. Place your first furniture piece in a corner or along the edge of an edging.
  3. Lay bricks in such a way that your seams don’t run parallel.
  4. Make sure to lay the sod on curves and hills in order to maintain contact with the soil.
  5. A lawn roller can be used to pack down the sod. This will eliminate air pockets and establish contact between soil & roots.

What can you do with the sod after it’s been installed?

Once you’ve laid the soil and rolled it so that the roots contact is made, you can begin aftercare.

  • Watering After you have rolled the soil down, water it. Once the soil is rolled down, moisten it. Once the roots are established, you can decrease your watering frequency to a more regular schedule.
  • Mowing It takes approximately two weeks for soil to develop strong roots. After this, you can begin regular mowing.
  • Traffic To allow roots to grow, keep your pets and children out of newly laid lawns for a minimum of three weeks. Reduce traffic to prevent soil from being ripped out.

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