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It’s possible to be confused if you have just installed new soil in your office or home. How do I maintain my sod health?

Learn how to care for your new seedling.

Water your sod every day for the first 2 weeks after installation. It takes about 10 to 2 week for sod root to take root.

Your new sod should be thoroughly soaked in order to promote growth. For the first week, water should not be more than 4 to 6 inches. To check the moisture level, lift a corner from the soil and touch it.

It is better to wait until your new sod grows. For the first 2 weeks, you should water your new sod every day. You might need to water your new sod more often depending on what season it is.

You can stop watering roots after 10 days. They will need water.

After the sod has been set for a few weeks you can reduce the amount of water that is needed. It will still require watering at least three to five days a week depending on how long the soil has been in place.

Deep watering is recommended in the mornings as well as evenings to stop rapid evaporation. This will maintain a healthy level in your sod’s water. It may take several months for your seed to become fully established.

Once your sod is established you can start to water your lawn less frequently. You can adjust your sprinklers or watering system to improve your grass. It’s a great time to mow your grass more often and do other lawn maintenance, such as fertilizing.

Wait for the sod time to grow before you start mowing your lawn. Next, adjust the mower to the highest setting. You should not use a rotary lawnmower for the first few mows.

Another tip is to never cut your lawn to less than one-third of the height you have plants. This can shock the plants and make them more susceptible to disease. It can also alter the appearance of your yard.

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