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There are good chances you’ve thought about how to manage your lawn if you own a house. Perhaps you are interested in installing sod.

You might still be unsure if you want a sod yard. You might think it’s easier to maintain your lawn by yourself. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

A single patch of dead grass can have a devastating effect on your whole lawn. If this is the case, our experts recommend that you start over with a brand new lawn.

Still not convinced? These are just four of the many benefits that a sod install can bring to your lawn.

Brand New Lawn

After installation, the benefits of healthy sod are immediately apparent. A green lawn is immediate, while a seeded one takes several weeks to grow in. As the grass grows, your yard will look patchy.

To protect seeds, a seed-planted lawn will often be covered with straw or other similar materials. The result is a yard that looks ugly and is barely usable once the seeding has been completed.

Sod is a good alternative if you don’t want to wait for a dense, seeded lawn.

There is less upkeep

Sod is less maintenance than regular grass. Regular irrigation is necessary to ensure that sod stays moist until it becomes established.

The sod will dry slower than grass, but it won’t usually dry out as quickly. Seeded lawns may require four to six watering sessions per day to keep it moist. The weather conditions will dictate the frequency of watering.

Sod generally only requires watering twice daily. You will save water and have less work to maintain the grass. Which would you choose instead?

Your soil is secure

Your current soil will be preserved by installing a new lawn. The soil is already covered by grass seeds, making them vulnerable to wind. The soil will likely blow away until the seeds germinate and the grass grows.

Sod is a thick, established grass mat that covers the soil and keeps it in place. You’ll also be able to walk on the lawn with less dirt and mud.

More healthy lawns

Sod installation, as mentioned above, allows the lawn to grow densely quickly without having to wait like a seed lawn. Because it has insufficient sections, sod does not leave unsightly patches.

The sod is less likely to need to be reseeded to fill in the gaps. This placement is very important for maintaining the overall aesthetics and design of your landscape.

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