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Lawn maintenance and care are easy tasks that will allow you to have a lush green lawn for many years. Here are some tips to care for your sod.

Step 1 – Watering the Sod

Water should be poured on the sod as soon as it is laid. Regular watering prevents delicate roots from drying out, particularly if the sod is exposed in full sun. It also keeps the sod from shrinking in scale. Water the sod evenly so that it gets all the way to the bottom and doesn’t become soggy. For the first two weeks, continue to soak it in this manner with water.

You can sprinklers every two hours if the temperature rises or you live in a hot region. This will ensure that water penetrates each panel of soil, including the seams and edges, if the soil is dry. It is best to water in the morning or at night during summer, as evaporation is less likely. Avoid watering in the evenings as it can increase the chance of fungus growth.

Your sod may start to turn a pale color if it doesn’t get enough water. It is important to water it well so that it gets enough moisture.

After a month, the sod will be well-rooted. You can reduce the amount of watering to once per week for half an hour to maintain a moist soil. On hot days, watering can be increased to twice daily, once at night and one in the morning.

Step 2 Fertilizing the Sod

To give your sod a healthy start, fertilize it with a high-phosphorous fertilizer before you lay it. To prevent sod becoming burnt, fertilize again on the thirty-third day after installation.

High nitrogen fertilizers can cause disease. Keep your sod fertilized every 50-60 days between March and October. Next spring, you will continue this process.

Winter fertilizing can cause stress to your plants. To tackle weeds, use a weed control fertiliser.

Step 3 – Keeping Traffic Off The Sod

The delicate root system can be damaged by even the slightest pressure. This will delay the knitting process and cause it to become fully formed. You should make a wire frame to secure the area you have laid sod. This will be useful for pets and children.

Step 4 – Mowing the Sod

To ensure roots are well-established in the soil, wait at least five weeks before you mow your lawn. This will prevent them from breaking due to the mower’s weight.

Do not mow more than 1/3 of your leaf length the first time. Keep it there and then reduce it with each subsequent mowing until you attain the height you desire.

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