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After your new sod has been installed, you have to make sure it gets the right start for health.

These are the most important weeks in a season because they establish your lawn’s potential for success or failure. These tips will help you ensure that your investment in a new lawn does not go to waste.

The First 10 Days

Newly laid sod is delicate and needs to be taken care of. It is possible to walk on the sod to water it, but it is best to avoid causing damage. Traffic can damage the establishment process.

Watering the sod should take no less than 15 minutes per day. If your sprinklers spray a lighter amount of water, you can increase the watering time. If you live in an area that has temperatures above 65 degrees, water twice per day.

You can inspect the soil for moisture by lifting a corner. Do not mow your lawn during this time.

Days 11-21

At this point, the root system should be ready to grow. Lift a corner of sod to check for this. If the area that you lift does not pull up, this means that roots are well-grown. It is possible to lift the corner by increasing the frequency of your watering.

If the climate is mild enough, healthy roots will need watering only every 30 to 35 minutes. Your lawn should be mowed once a week. However, it should not exceed 2.75 inches in height at all times. If your new sod is still damp, don’t mow it.

Day 21

The soil should be well rooted now. Each week, the lawn will only require one inch of water. This water level will be maintained throughout the lawn’s life.

You can start regular mowing, but it is best to keep your lawn at a minimum height of 2.75inches. Now you can fertilize your lawn with a slow-release formula. Follow the label and follow the instructions.

This will ensure your new lawn grows quickly and needs little maintenance. It is a good idea to aerate your lawn after six months.

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