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Winter weather can make your trees, shrubs, and grass weaker and more susceptible to disease, especially after they have been dormant for months under a blanket made of snow and ice. These simple tips will help you get your trees and shrubs back to full health.

Do Some Cleaning

Clean up any leaves, twigs or other debris that has accumulated over winter is the first step in preparing your lawn for spring. Air blowers are easier than rakes. Your lawn mower can become clogged with debris, which will prevent fertilizers and other materials being properly absorbed.

Apply Fertilizer, Pre-emergent, and Weed Killer

Pre-emergent is an herbicide that prevents crabgrass, and fertilizer will be applied to your grass in the spring. After six to eight weeks, you can apply the fertilizer again along with a broadleaf herbicide. Or you will have to fight crabgrass all season. A lot of lawn care companies offer pre-emergent as well as weed killer in one application. This will reduce your costs and time to apply.

Mow Early and Often

Mowing only once per week in spring is a big mistake homeowners make. You can stunt the roots by letting the grass grow too tall and then cutting it. To ensure thicker and fuller lawns, mowing should be done every five days during the first six weeks depending on the weather.

Pick a good, heavy mulch. After your lawn has been mowed, you can edge your beds and trim any branches or shrubs.

Prune The Trees

Don’t seed until fall.Although it is tempting to plant grass seed in brown spots, if you also apply pre-emergent and weed killer, seeds will not germinate. Instead fertilize your lawn and within a few weeks, the shoots will start to grow and fill in any brown spots.

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