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What is sod, other than being a cuss? You’ve likely seen sod while walking down the street.

You might be jealous of the neighbor’s beautifully maintained lawn. This could even be sod. Sod is pre-prepared grass, roots and soil that can be laid on a bare area to avoid the tedious and lengthy process of sowing seed and waiting to see it grow.

What is Sod?

You may not have heard of it before, as people often refer to it as “turf”. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to use sod to quickly install lawns.

Moreover, it can also be used to repair small areas of damaged land. However, the utility of this lawn-in a-can does not end there.

Sod can reduce flooding, improve air quality and cooling, as well as increase water quality. It stabilizes your yard’s soil and helps reduce ground erosion.

It is fast and easy to lay a new lawn.

Traditional seeding can be disastrous for many reasons. The wind can blow away your seeds, birds can pick at them, and pets can dig out the seeds. A deluge of heavy rainfall can cause the seed to drown.

Even if you do manage to get through the obstacle course of natural hazards it can take weeks before you start to see any results and longer until the grass becomes strong enough for you to use.

Sod, however, is able to avoid these issues and can be fully functional in a shorter time. You don’t have to wait around for your guests to arrive. You won’t miss out on the perfect-weather BBQ occasions.

How is Sod Made?

Sod is usually grown in the same area as the company that sells it. This ensures that the product is of high quality and does not cost too much to ship.

It also ensures your sod matches local grass varieties. The old saying “The grass isn’t always greener” could also be true. It may not be as thick, or as long.

It takes between 10 and 18 months for the sod to mature, to be fertilized, to move regularly, to water well, and to be harvested. The sod is usually already cut to a standard size, and then rolled up using special equipment onto pallets.

As you probably know, it is a difficult job to plant sod. Hydroponics is a method that allows farms to grow sod in large quantities and sell it around the globe. This reduces production costs and shipping times.

The Best Sod Variety

It is crucial to choose the right grass for your climate and location. You’ll see your lawn quickly deteriorate if you don’t. It’s like trying to transplant a palm tree from Spain onto the Antarctic tundra.

You don’t want your money wasted and you want your lawn to last a long time. Make sure to research the type of lawn you have.

Let’s start by reviewing some things before we introduce you to your future lawn. These include the climate and weather conditions in your area, the amount of sun that the area gets, the soil type and any pets you may have.

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