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Spring can be unpredictable with snowstorms in the late season that could bring new snow, followed by record-breaking hot days. There are many ways homeowners can work with the spring weather to keep their lawn looking great, no matter what season it may be.

Spring Cleaning

You might find that leaves and other debris have made it onto your lawn after the snow melts. To make sure that your grass is healthy, you must immediately remove any debris. Also, this is the time to trim your bushes and remove any dead plant stock.

Mower Tune Ups

Spring can arrive suddenly and unexpectedly so it is crucial to get your lawn mower and other tools ready for the season. This will make sure the tools are ready for use immediately, whenever spring conditions call for trimming, edging or mowing.

It snows in the spring

You can balance your lawn’s recovery by gently spreading snow across the yard. This will help to speed up snow melting and reduce drifting.

Keep a Wet Lawn

To minimize soil compacting and turf damage, don’t let your lawn become soggy from spring rains or melting snow.


Raking is an important spring chore. It helps to remove any leaves that have not been gathered in fall and to revive the grass.


Spring may not be best time to plant lawns in New Jersey. Although it is tempting to plant grass seed in brown spots, if you also apply pre-emergent and weed killer, seeds will not germinate.

Fertilize the lawn instead. In a few weeks, the shoots will grow and fill out the brown spots.

Weed Control Crabgrass

It is usually recommended to apply two applications of herbicides to control crabgrass and other undesirable weeds.


Mow your lawn once it reaches 3-4 inches high. However, do not cut it below 2 inches to keep it moist and resisting weeds.

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