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If you don’t know what to do when you install or maintain sod, complications can occur.

Also, ensure that your sod is properly watered. Incorrect maintenance can lead to poor installation. There are some tips and tricks to remember when watering your sod.

Watering Sod After Installation

It takes planning to install sod. Although it might seem simple, there are many things to take into consideration. Watering freshly laid sod is a key thing to remember. Your sod will need water within a matter of minutes (or ASAP)

Deep watering is essential for sod to grow properly. You should ensure that the water penetrates the soil below the sod. This will encourage roots to grow deeper.

This is vital for healthy sod growth. Installing sod in large areas requires that you water it as you go. This will ensure that the sod receives the right amount of water quickly enough for it to start to grow without drying out.

Do not miss a spot!

It’s easy to think that the new sprinkler system will work wonders for your lawn. It is important to water every corner and edge of your lawn.

Sprinklers that aren’t properly positioned can sometimes cause lawn damage and neglect.

Your sod’s corners and edges are most susceptible and need special attention to keep them healthy. When watering your sod, it is important to be aware of the impact of buildings.

Sunlight reflects off buildings, which can make the sod heat up faster. It is crucial to water your entire lawn regularly.

Water Runoff

This blog will help you to install sod on a slope. This article contains many helpful tips for laying sod. However, there are more important issues.

No matter how well you execute, it is important to be extra cautious when watering the slope. Water the sod slowly to save water and ensure that the water soaks in properly. Stop watering your lawn if water is running down the lawn instead of soaking into it.

It may be necessary to wait up to half an hour for the soil to absorb water. These steps can be repeated as many times necessary to ensure that you water the soil properly.

Water Maintenance

You need to ensure that every square foot of your lawn receives enough water. It can be easy for sprinklers to distribute water evenly throughout your lawn. However, double-checking is easy. You can double check your sprinklers by using small tin containers (such as the ones for tuna or cat food).

These cans should be placed randomly in your yard, at random distances to the sprinklers. Turn the water on until each can has about half an inch of water.

Next, take a measurement of how much water is left in the remaining cans. Despite the possibility of some variation in water distribution, each can should contain approximately half an inch water.

Soil Moisture Check

As damaging as over-watering can be to sod, it is equally harmful as under-watering. A screwdriver or metal stake is a great way to check the moisture levels in the soil below the sod. Push the spike through the soil.

A soil with less water will result in a higher resistance. This is a problem. If the spike is able to go into the ground easily, it means that the soil has received enough water to support deep root growth.

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