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You’ve seen this before. It’s happened before. These brown patches, which appear from early June through late August, only seem like they are growing in size despite the fact that you water more.

Water isn’t the Problem

It is most likely that you have a common grass fungal disease. It’s known as “Brown Patch” in Tall Fescue and Zoysiagrass. It also goes by “Summer Patch” in Kentucky Bluegrass. These fungi will attack your lawn if it is too hot or humid at night. You should be looking out for these diseases if your nighttime temperature is higher than 70 degrees and it has been humid for several nights consecutively.

Prevention and Control

These practices will help prevent brown patches from inflicting your laven. LUCKILY LAWNS WILL REcover FROM THESE DISEASES WITHOUT THE NEED TO REPLAN.

Only use recommended NTEP grass varieties. Our sod is grown only from the highest performing varieties of seed. They are selected for their resistance against summer diseases.

Make sure that your mower blades remain sharp. A sharp blade will cut through the grass easily when cutting your lawn. Dull blades will cause the grass to snag and provide more space for the fungus.Avoid fertilizer use in summer. The grass will grow faster if it has more nutrients.

This actually makes the plant vulnerable to fungal disease.Water your lawn heavily but not often in the morning If you want to water your lawn, water it in the morning before 12 noon. This will allow the grass to dry for all of the afternoon. Fungus love moist and warm nights. Watering in the evenings is almost guaranteed to cause problems.

Fungicide. To ensure that your lawn is healthy and beautiful all year, apply a fungicide to it every 3 – 4. The fungicide protects your grass from infection by coating it. You can also use fungicide to treat a fungus problem if it has already developed.


If your cool season lawn has been severely damaged by fungus in the summer heat, it is possible to overseen the lawn in September when the cooler weather returns. Make sure to apply a preventative spray to fight fungus next summer!

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