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If you’ve noticed little tunnels forming under the surface of your lawn, you likely have moles. You may wonder, “Are moles bad?”. Unfortunately, the answer is yes! If you are unlucky enough to become a host lawn for moles, many bad things are often happening. A significant invasion of moles or similar pests most often signifies a high population of soil pests. That can’t be good.
Additionally, as they tunnel through the soil, they disturb roots and damage your lawn and garden.

How to stop moles

The best and most effective way to keep your lawn and garden mole-free is to prevent them, which we discuss further in this article. If you already have a mole issue, read on for a few ways to eliminate them.

How do I control moles in my yard?

  1. Start by eliminating their food source. Moles are likely in your yard because they’re feeding on insects like grubworms and mole crickets—which often reap disaster in your landscape.
  2. Try to humanely repel them away from your lawn using ultrasonic repellers OR, use Dawn soap to get rid of them.

How to get rid of moles with dawn soap

  • Mix 3 parts castor oil and 1 part Dawn dish soap together
  • Pour the solution over the tunnels located throughout your yard

Do mothballs get rid of moles?

In short, sometimes. Mothballs give off a smell that drives moles away from them. You can place them strategically around different areas of your lawn. However, this strategy doesn’t always work and will sometimes make the moles dig around in other locations on your lawn.

How to get rid of consistent moles

Completely eliminating them from your lawn if they have a consistent presence may require an outside professional. Humane trapping is by far the most effective. There are remedies to eliminate the effectiveness of their tunnels should they best be ‘passing through.’

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