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Since childhood, I have longed for a lush lawn. We installed a Stone Walkway and new Landscaping beds, but we wanted to go one step further.

We have 7 Tips For Homeowners When Installing Sod It’s simple than you think and can produce stunning results!

Sod or seed? Over the years, we have used both sod and seed to install new lawns.

Which is the best?

Bluegrass Sod is our favourite. Bluegrass Sod has provided us with far better results.

If you don’t have enough experience it can seem daunting. However, there are resources available to help.

Prepare the soil before you go

Grade the final lawn with a hand rake. Grading the soil will ensure that rainwater does not pool on any structures. Make sure there are no standing water in low areas.

Grab rocks and sticks that are larger than 2 inches. The smaller rocks should be pressed into the soil. If you have many dirt clods, spread them evenly. Add water to melt them.

To allow water to drain from your lawn, ensure that the soil is at least 1 1/2 inches below the sidewalks and driveways.

To ensure the soil is equal in height, the sod should be at least 1/2 inch lower than the neighboring grass. Sprinkler heads should not exceed 1/2 inch in height.

8 lbs 12-12-12 fertilizer on 1000 feet. Lightly rake it in.

The best place to start unrolling the soil should be chosen. This will help you reduce how much sod you might have to carry.

For example, if you are sodding the whole lawn, start at the front. You can start at the front and work your way back towards the rear until you reach the end.

Roll the sod to make a straight line.

To ensure that the roll is facing the right direction, place the next roll just a few inches away from the previous roll. Slide the sod between you hands.

Avoid leaving spaces or overlapping. Stagger the ends to avoid seams. Spread the soil on steep hills sideways and not up and down.

After you’ve laid your sod, make sure to water every section. Do not leave any muddy areas where you can lay more sod. Each section should have 1/2 inch of water.

This process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. You can check soil for moisture after watering. If it isn’t, water more. However, don’t overwater. New roots may have difficulty growing in soil that has been soaked.

After installing the sod, do not roll the lawn roller. This will make it more difficult to plant new roots and cause soil to become compacted. It is important that sod edges are not bowed to objects.

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