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It’s exciting to see your lawn after the sod has been installed, but it’s only the beginning. To ensure a healthy lawn, the sod must be planted now and continue to grow.

How to Care for Newly Installed Sod


It is vital to water your lawn in the initial phase. It is crucial to water your lawn during the initial phase. It will be more susceptible to fungal diseases if it isn’t watered regularly during the initial phase.

The roots should be watered for at least 15 to 20 minutes each day for the first ten weeks. To encourage root growth, water the roots every day for the next two weeks. After the sod is laid, reduce the watering.


Ask your supplier for recommendations and then buy a rotary spreader.

You should fertilize the lawn six to eight weeks after it has been installed. Overfeeding seedlings can lead to nutrient overload and imbalance.


You should not mow your lawn until it has grown to at least two inches in length. The lawn should be mowed every month starting from the day it was installed.

If possible, avoid walking on the lawn or putting any weight on it. Sprinklers may need to be moved. For the first month, keep pets and children away from the lawn.

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