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People are always looking for ways to make the installation process easier. Many people believe that it is best to lay new sod directly on top existing grass. Although this may seem like a quick way to reduce preparation time, it will actually take more time than it is worth.

This is because sod can’t survive if it’s laid on top of existing grass. With proper watering, it might look great for a few weeks but will not survive.

After the sod has died, you’ll need to re-sod again andremove the entire lawn below. You will have to do it twice if you sod over existing grass. It is probably better to not take shortcuts!

Why Would Sod Survive on Top Of Existing Grass, Anyway?

Sod must be able form roots in order to survive. Your sod must have contact with the soil below it in order to achieve this. Installing sod over existing lawn will cause the grass to form a layer between the soil and your sod.

Fresh sod won’t be able to reach the soil in order to grow roots. Your lawn’s success depends on how well you prepare the soil and the ground underneath it.

For fresh sod to grow and thrive, it must also be provided with the proper nutrients. It is difficult for existing grass to provide the nutrients necessary to thrive. You may have ever placed a large, dense object such as a brick or large stone on top of your lawn.

The grass beneath the object will begin to decompose if it is left for a while. The grass becomes a thin, wet layer over the object once it is taken out. This is what happens underneath the sod. This is not a good environment for growth and your sod won’t be getting all the nutrients it requires.

Here are a few things to think about:

When looking for’shortcuts’ to your lawn, be careful. Many articles claim that you can replace your existing grass with sod. This is a sign of how many non-credible sources there are.

To ensure that you get high-quality information, do your research.

It’s easier to invest the time and effort now, as the rewards will be well-worth it. You can take shortcuts but they can lead to high costs.

Do not skip steps and you will save yourself the hassle of having to re-sod in just a few weeks. You can save time and money by getting it right the first time.

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