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After two weeks of initial care, your lawn will require you to modify your watering schedule to avoid over-watering. Although you might need to adjust the time and duration of watering, this will help ensure your lawn’s long-term success.

Properly prepared sites will give your sod a greater chance to grow roots that extract moisture from the soil. It takes about two weeks for the new sod to start.

The weather is a key factor. You should be aware of it. It is important to reduce the amount of watering you do when it is rainy. It is important to ensure that your sod has enough water.


Continue to give water every other day. Also, make sure to check your irrigation system or manual watering method are reaching every square inch of new sod.

Ambient heat can cause sod near buildings to dry out quicker. Sprinklers that are too close to property boundaries and hard-to-reach areas can cause them to miss the edge. To determine the amount of water being distributed on your site, you can place containers out to capture it.

It is important to have a functioning irrigation system in order to get the best results. The new sod should only be saturated with water for a few inches, but the ground below should have at least 3-4 inches to promote root growth. However, you should avoid puddling. Roots can become rotten if you overwater them. Sod will die.


It is common to water your grass in the morning, and avoid the evening. This is because grass can become fungus-inducing if it is left to dry overnight.


It is important to not use your new sod too often during the first few days as the sod is trying to grow roots in your soil. Unrooted grass can also be damaged by dog urine, which causes yellowing.

You can use a cup of baking soda to dissolve in a gallon water. This will neutralize the excess nitrogen that the dog urine has created. This reaction will diminish as the dog matures.


Wait until the new sod has grown, which is usually within three to four weeks. D. Breen Sod Farms’ sod is fertilized throughout its growing process, so it is healthy when it is planted. It is not necessary to fertilize your sod immediately after it has been prepared. Use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. You must follow the proper guidelines to avoid damaging your new lawn.


If your new sod is taller than the previous week, you can mow it. The immature rooting systems will not be able to withstand too much stress from a riding mower. For less abuse, it is better to use a push mower. Maintain a blade height of 3 inches, and don’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Sharp mower blades are recommended to avoid making jagged cuts that can cause damage to grass blades. Don’t mow wet lawns.

If you have a small amount of grass clippings, they should be kept on your newly cut grass. If grass clippings accumulate too quickly, it can cause photosynthesis to be blocked from the sun. Your grass could suffer. To stop the spread of the disease, you should remove any grass clippings.

Once the soil has settled and there is plenty of growth, you can start mowing. You should keep your mower at a height of 3-4 inches to encourage more grass and discourage weed invasion. Reduce the height of your mower as the temperature drops to around 2.5-3 inches.


It is almost inevitable that some weeds may appear in your lawn, but it is best to avoid using pesticides. They are not only toxic to your lawn, but also to the entire environment.

You can spot treat any weeds and then follow the guidance of a lawn maintenance company. It is possible to use natural products, such as vinegar and dishwashing soot, directly on weeds. It is better to pull out the entire plant, root and any other weeds that are not growing in your yard.

You failed to remove any weeds or encourage vigorous weed growth during the initial preparations for sod installations, and this will result in sod that is ugly.

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