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Do you want to know the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your yard looking great this spring? Most people know that improving the lawn is the best way increase curb appeal.

This may be why so many people choose to have a sod yard to achieve the look and feel they desire.

What are the advantages of a sod lawn? Here are some ways that sod can enhance your front yard.

Instant Lawn

Are you fed up with the brown, dry dirt taking up most of your front yard? Sodding your lawn creates a lawn in no time.

You don’t have to wait for the grass seed to germinate and take root. A lawn that has been hard worked all day will look lush and green after a long day.

It is a quick lawn. You must be careful not to crush the grass seeds that have sprouted from the soil.

You can resume heavy activity within two weeks of installation of a sodded lawn. This lawn is both beautiful and practical.

A Much Denser Lawn

Although planting grass seed may seem like a cheaper alternative to sodding your lawn, is it really more effective? The seed won’t take in all areas and must be resown.

A proper lawn can take up to two years to grow from seed. A sodded lawn on the other side, however, grows very densely and has a uniform appearance.

Although it is more costly upfront, you will save time and money later.

Prevent soil erosion

Tired of dragging dirt and dust from the yard into your house? Sod has the advantage of preventing soil erosion.

Sod grass is mature, which means it can keep dust, mud and erosion at bay. You will notice a decrease in the amount of debris you track into your home.

Less Water Required

To keep it healthy for the first month, new sod will need to be watered once a day. However, it is not as demanding as a seeded lawn.

Sodding your lawn rather than spreading grass seed can help you save money and the environment.

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