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If you’ve ever envied a neighbor’s lawn, you’re familiar with the power that beautiful green grass can have. An attractive lawn truly makes a difference in the appearance of your home! Sod is one way to achieve that. It’s a quick, simple, easy way to create a lush and vibrant lawn.

Measuring sod and sod installation aren’t tricky, but it does require you to make those proper measurements, so you know just how much sod you need. Get started with sod installation by knowing the best way to get the measurements you need to do the job correctly.

The Traditional Way

Typically, measuring sod involves sectioning your lawn off into squares. From there, you can measure the length and width of each square, either with a measuring tape or by pacing it off (3 feet is around the length of each pace). Then estimate how much area you lost by creating those squares.
After this, you can get your total square footage by multiplying the length by the width of each square and adding the additional area you calculated earlier. This should give you an idea of how much sod you’ll need.

Using Your Phone or Our Website Tool

There are apps out there that are specifically made for measuring sod! Take a look at your phone’s app store and see if there’s one that fits the bill. Most will allow you to walk through your yard, click on points, and wind up with an accurate total square footage. This is how many professionals do this kind of work these days, and it should be accurate enough that you buy the right amount of sod and can create the lawn of your dreams.
Our website,, also has a tool to use on our shop page. This tool allows you to put in your address and map out the yard area you would like to measure. It then calculates how many square feet of the yard you need to place new sod.

One Last Option

Here’s another trick. Go onto a computer and open Google Earth. Type in the address for wherever you’re trying to measure your lawn. At this point, it should zoom in on that location. On the right-hand side, select the measurement tool. This will let you click on a few points to create an outline of the lawn and give you an estimate of the measurements of that shape.
This is a quick, easy way to get a rough estimate of how much sod you’ll need to purchase for a property, and while it may not be accurate enough to inform your purchase decision, it’s a great starting tool. It may also be a good way to get a starting estimate for a job if you’re working with multiple properties.

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