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Let’s face facts, your lawn sprinkler system may not be the easiest thing in your home. For Pete’s sake, half of it is underground. All the valves, heads, and backflows work perfectly until suddenly they stop. Don’t forget the instructions for your controller.

We don’t mind if you have some questions. These are five questions we get a lot about lawn sprinklers.

What Type of Irrigation Head do I have? Rotor, Spray or MP Rotor?

This question is asked all the time.

Let’s get rid of all the confusion.

Here is a picture of each type lawn sprinkler head.

Can a Rain Sensor Lower My Water Bill?

The answer is yes in one word.

We love to talk about rain sensors so we’ll add a few words.

You have probably seen a lawn sprinkler system that is constantly spraying during a storm and wondered if you’ve ever been in a house like this.

Don’t be such an idiot. Buy a rain sensor.

It costs only a hundred twenty-five dollars, which is a small amount to pay for all of the water that you will save.

Rain sensors communicate with your sprinkler system controller. They will stop watering the sprinkler system after it has accumulated approximately 3/4 inches of rain. It will hold it off until the device dries.

It’s an easy way to save water and money without being an idiot.

Why Do I need 6-inch Heads for Turf Areas?

A 4-inch pop-up sprinkler heads is the standard for lawns. It is underground and rises when water turns on to water your lawn.

Floratam St. Augustine grass, however, is the most popular type of grass for homes and businesses today.

This type of grass should be kept at 4 to 5 inches in height.

A common lawn sprinkler system will need 6-inch heads and not 4-inch because they rise higher to clear taller grass.

How Long Should I Properly Water My Lawn?

It is recommended to water your lawn with 3/4 inch per zone.

How long does 3/4 inch take to get water?

It all depends on what type of irrigation head you have. With a cup and ruler, you could be standing in the middle your yard. You could even follow our rule of thumb.

  • Spray heads: 30 Minutes
  • Rotors: 50-60 min
  • MP rotors – 1-2 hours

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