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From the beginning of the year to the end, your lawn requires different watering and protection habits. This list will help to take care of your lawn throughout the year.


  • Remove any leaves, twigs and other debris that may have remained from the colder months.
  • This is the best time to prepare your lawn tools for spring. To ensure clean cuts, sharpen your mower blades for the first season of mowing.
  • Your mower could have accumulated water from the winter. You should ensure that you have fresh gasoline.
  • Aerating your lawn is necessary to ensure that oxygen, fertilizers, water, and oxygen reach the roots. You can ensure the machine runs efficiently by choosing a day when the soil isn’t saturated.
  • To maintain a healthy lawn, you should mow it as often as possible.


  • As a result, your grass will need more water because of the rising temperatures and evaporated moisture. Be smart about watering. Lawns need as little as 1/3 inch of water per day. You must be aware of your lawn’s water and temperature requirements in order to maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Healthy lawns are the best way to eliminate weeds. You must not allow weeds to infest your lawn.
  • It is crucial to keep the grass at the correct height. The roots of taller grass are more dense than the grass. This will reduce the chances of weeds. This allows soil to retain more moisture, which can result in longer watering intervals. The ideal height for your mower is between 2 and 3.
  • Regularly clean your mower to prevent the spread of lawn diseases.
  • Fertilize your lawn to keep it green and healthy.


  • Regularly remove leaves, twigs, or other debris.
  • Fall is a great season to plant new sod.  A single fall fertilization is more effective than two spring fertilizations. Give your lawn a good fertilization to replace the nutrients that were lost in the summer. The fertilizer will remain in the soil until temperatures drop, and it will continue feeding your lawn’s roots throughout winter.
  • Keep your lawn mowed until winter arrives.


  • Apply winter fertilizer before the ground freezes.
  • It is important to remove leaves and other debris from your lawn in preparation for winter. Unwanted debris can attract pests and cause disease.

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