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Once your new sod is installed, it’s your job to ensure that it has the right start to be healthy.

The first three weeks of the season are crucial as they set up your lawn for success or failure. These tips will ensure that your money spent on a new lawn is not wasted.

The First 10 Days

A newly laid sod can be very delicate and requires careful care. Although it is possible to walk on your sod to water it occasionally, it is best to keep as little traffic as possible from the area. Too much traffic can cause damage to the establishment process in its current state.

The sod should be watered for at least 15 minutes each day. You can increase the time for watering if your sprinklers emit a lighter spray of water. Water twice daily if you live in an area with a temperature exceeding 65 degrees.

If you’re not sure if you’re giving your sod enough water, you can lift a corner and inspect the soil for dampness. During this time, do not mow your lawn.

Days 11-21

The root system should be able to start to grow at this point. To check if this is occurring, lift a corner of sod. If the area you lift is not pulling up, it means that roots are growing well. You can lift the corner easily by increasing your watering frequency.

If your climate is warm enough, roots that are healthy will only require watering every other day for 30 to 35 minutes. Mow your lawn once a week, but keep it at least 2.75 inches high at all times. Never mow new sod if it is still wet.

Day 21

Your new lawn should now be deeply rooted in the soil. The lawn will need only one inch of water each week. The lawn will remain this water level for its entire life.

Regular mowing can be started, but you should maintain a minimum height of 2.75inches. You can now fertilize your lawn using a slow-releasing formula. Follow the directions and label.

This timeline will ensure that your new sod lawn grows quickly and requires little maintenance. After six months, it is a good idea for you to aerate your lawn.

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