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Sod is very easy to install and work with. Sod is more flexible than flooring or wood. It is very easy to cut, and it can be stretched or compressed so that it fits together. It will grow together in just a few weeks.

It is easy to install sod in your yard, aside from the hard work. You can simply drop it on the ground and place it in your yard. Then, you will have a green space that you can enjoy.

Step 1 – Fertilize before sodding

Apply Quick Feed 20-20-10 starter fertilizer at a rate of 8-10 lbs per 1000 square feet before sodding.

You don’t need to water the soil with fertilizer. It can be left on the soil to make contact with the sod.

Step 2 – Establish a starting point

To keep the sod rows straightened and minimize cutting, you can establish a starting point by following a fence or sidewalk. Start at the bottom if you’re installing sod on a hill. It is easier to place sod downhill, and it keeps the seams closed.

Anchor the sod with wooden stakes if the slope is steep. If there is only one way into the area, you can start at the farthest point and work your ways out. New sod will not be damaged by foot traffic, but it may be moved out of its place.

Step 3: Install sod slabs similar to brickwork

To minimize cutting, place the first row of sod in the direction you started. Cut a piece of slab in half and place it next.

This will make the seams in the second row not match the first. This pattern can be repeated throughout the yard.

Step 4: Pull the sod together

To eliminate any gaps between the seams, place each piece of soil in a single row. Attach the sides and ends together.

Flammable or open seams can accelerate drying of the edges and encourage wilting. Don’t overlap sod. You can use a knife to trim the sod around obstacles like beds, sidewalks, sprinkler heads, or other obstructions.

You can fill in any gaps with sod pieces that are cut to the right size.

Step 5: Water the new sod

Water immediately after installing sod. If you’re working in hot conditions, finish the area and set up a zone or sprinkler. Then, water while you work on the next area.

Step 6: Rolling new soil

It is not necessary to roll newly installed sod. Rolling the sod helps to press it into the soil and eliminate air pockets. Roll the seams back and forth, working in a circular motion across the area. Roll or turn sod pieces around, and place them back in their proper places.

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