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Many homeowners dream of a well-maintained lawn. However, installing and maintaining a lawn is easier said than done. There are many options for lawns that look great.

There are many options for a Zen garden, including wooden decking and paving slabs. Some people love the feeling of grass under their feet. You might have ever envied the lawn of a neighbor and wondered how they do it.

We can help you understand the benefits of sodding if you don’t have a lot of knowledge.

What is a Sod Lawn?

Let’s start with the basics. Sod is grass and soil that are held together by a biodegradable root or material. There are many options for sod lawns.

From Bella bluegrass and bermudagrass and centipede grass, the list of choices you’ll have is endless. Sourcing a sod lawn and installing it won’t be easy, so it is best to speak to experts at The Sod Source for more information.

It’s an instant solution

Sod has the obvious advantage of being able to have a lawn in no time. Regular lawns take about a year to mature and fully establish, so you will need to manage unattractive yards.

However, the immediate aesthetic changes that can be made by adding a bit of sodding to your home will take only a few weeks.

There is less soil erosion

Sod, unlike seeds which can take time to establish, is more capable of controlling soil erosion than seeds.

For those with a garden that becomes muddy as soon as it rains, sod is a great option for eliminating the issue of soil erosion, since it acts as a barrier between rainfall and the soil.

You Don’t Have to Stress About Irrigation

A seeded lawn needs to be watered at least four times a day at the germination stage. It will ensure that the ground stays moist but will take up a lot more of your time.

Sod is also less time-consuming than other options. It only needs to be watered once a day for the first few days after it’s installed.

Sod Lawns are a professional solution

Sod is not like regular seeded lawns that homeowners have to maintain by themselves. Instead, it is professionally grown. Sod farms use the highest quality seeds and specialist machinery to grow their sod. Sod farms also harvest their sod to order so that you are guaranteed a high-quality product.

It takes patience and hard work to maintain a lawn. It will take some time for a seeded lawn to become established. However, you may experience some teething problems along the way. Even if your green thumb is a plus, a sod lawn can save you time and effort.

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