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Zoysia is a dense turf grass prized for its ability to handle heavy foot traffic, a variety of sun and shade, poor soil, and drought. It’s soft and green and makes for an attractive lawn for planting zones five to eleven. All that aside, its best feature is its drought tolerance. El Toro Zoysia sod is among the best among all of the zoysia varieties.

El Toro Zoysia’s Blades Save Water

One unique feature of zoysia is its leaf blades readily roll up under drought conditions. While other grasses do this, El Toro Zoysia does it earlier. This means it starts conserving moisture while other grasses still lose it to their environment.

El Toro Zoysia’s Root System

Another characteristic that helps zoysia thrive through dry conditions is its root system. Wide varieties of grass have a relatively shallow root system, which limits them to extracting water from the topmost layers of soil. Unfortunately, these layers are also the first to lose water to gravity and evaporation. El Toro Zoysia sets deeper roots, so it can keep drawing water from the soil while other grasses have long since gone dry.

Zoysia Keeps Water In The Soil

Though it isn’t often considered when determining how drought tolerant a plant is, zoysia is also helpful in reducing erosion. This is for several reasons:

  • Zoysia can thrive in areas other grasses give up, which includes worn-down sites and slopes, where erosion can be a persistent problem.
  • Zoysia’s deeper roots hold soil in place. Grasses with shallower root systems are generally less effective at fighting erosion than those with deeper, denser systems.
  • Covering soil slows evaporation. With its dense growth habit, El Toro Zoysia shades the soil and keeps it from blowing away as dust.

El Toro Zoysia sod is especially helpful when it comes to topsoil erosion. Soil loss can still occur while seeds begin to sprout and root. Sod covers topsoil threatened by erosion right away.

Zoysia And Weeds

Weeds aren’t just unsightly; they steal space, nutrients, and water from the plants that are actually wanted. Zoysia’s density and tenacity tend to crowd weeds out, keeping them from establishing a foothold in a lawn. This won’t just give you a better-looking lawn with less effort; it’ll protect your soil quality by reducing the amount of herbicide you need to keep it looking healthy.

El Toro Zoysia gives homeowners everything they want in a lawn– it’s soft, dense, attractively green, and bounces back quickly in the spring. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice. Not only does it tolerate a wide range of adverse conditions, including drought, but it can also help improve soil and maintain soil moisture by fighting erosion and keeping weeds away. If you have a lawn that’s fighting a losing battle against dry weather or a yard with difficult-to-seed, erosion-prone areas, El Toro Zoysia sod can breathe new life into your yard.

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