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Mowing heights for finer-bladed zoysias typically range from 0.5–1.5 inches, while wider-bladed zoysia mowing heights range from 1–2 inches. Depending on the type of zoysia you have, your lawn should typically be kept between 0.5–2 inches. During the fall, mowing will occur less often—keeping your zoysia slightly will encourage deeper root growth which helps it survive in colder temperatures and during winter dormancy.

Water less as temperatures drop—too much water will lead to disease. Water to prevent drought stress while grass is actively growing and after the beginning stages of dormancy to prevent dehydration.


When it comes to selecting a pre-emergent herbicide, choices can be daunting. Narrow down the selection process by looking for an herbicide that works on the type of weed you’ve seen in previous years and for your type of grass. Most herbicides will say on the back of the product which grasses they can and shouldn’t be used on as well as which weeds they will kill.

Once you have simplified your choices of herbicides, the last thing to choose between maybe a granule vs. a liquid herbicide. Liquid herbicides are usually mixed with water in a tank and then sprayed. These should be mixed in accordance to the product label instructions.

Weed Control

Apply pre-emergent herbicides to control winter annual and perennial weeds like chickweed, henbit, or purple deadette. Apply post-emergent herbicides only when weeds are present.

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