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Sod is a better option than natural grass seeds when homeowners want to landscape their lawns. Sod is a great alternative to grass seeds. It is also less labor-intensive and produces results that are almost immediate.

A lawn of average size can be laid in just a few hours with sod. It will be ready to use within a few weeks. Natural seeds take several months for the grass to mature before it is functional.

The way the grasses were grown is another reason to choose sod instead of natural grass. Professionals ensure sod is grown in top soil and that it is regularly watered.

These steps help to develop the root structure of the grasses, which allows for a healthier grass. As long as the ground does not freeze, sod can be laid at any time. Natural grass seed, however, can only be planted in a few weeks depending on the type and climate.

Many homeowners must use a lot weed killer and fertilizer after the grass has been laid. This is to keep crabgrass, other weeds, from overtaking the newly sprouting grass. The homeowner must also ensure that young children are kept away from the lawn to avoid them being exposed to chemicals.

Sod is more appealing than natural grass. Sod farms have sod grown in close proximity to each other to keep weeds from germinating and sprouting.

Spreading natural grass seeds too far apart can result in bare spots that require reseeding. These bare spots can trap dirt and mud inside the house.

These are some of the things homeowners should think about when selecting grass for their lawn.

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