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Sod has many benefits

Sod is one the most eco-friendly materials you can use to improve your home or business. Turfgrass is a healthy grass that reduces erosion, reduces runoff, improves soil quality, purifies groundwater and air, and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. It reduces noise and dust, improves property values, and adds visual appeal.

Why sod your lawn instead of Hydroseeding or Seeding?

Instant Sod

There is no need to wait and spend years nurturing new seedlings. You can enjoy a lush green lawn right away.

Sod saves you time

Sod matures and requires very little attention. After it is installed, the sod will root itself in about 2-3 weeks. Hydroseed or seed will require your attention for more than a year in order to achieve similar results, provided it doesn’t get washed away by the first storm.

Sod saves you money

Insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other pesticides can be expensive. While many novices apply these products too often, they still learn how to properly grow their lawns through trial and error.

Sod stops frustration, prevents washouts, and controls the mud

Weather can have a significant impact on the outcome of your grass-growing endeavors. A hydro-seeded lawn can leave a trail of turquoise in the streets. The moment it is laid, sod prevents erosion. Sod is great for pets and children.

Sod is better

We use the best plant genetics and then care for our sod for up to two years before harvesting.

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