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Improved Curb Appeal

Landscaping isn’t just about your flowerbeds. Shrubbery, trees, grass, accents, and grass all matter, too! Your lawn is an essential element of landscaping. A yellow or dying lawn will have a negative impact on your curb appeal. Having a healthy green lawn will tie together all the rest of your landscaping elements. The better your landscaping looks, the better you feel as a homeowner! Your neighbors may even thank you for keeping the neighborhood’s curb appeal looking great!

Higher Home Values

If you’re considering selling your home, your landscaping matters significantly. Unsightly landscaping can lower the value of your property. The opposite is true, too. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) claims professional landscaping can add to a home’s price tag “15 percent to 20 percent more at the time of resale. ” Bryan Mackenzie, a landscape designer and co-founder of gardening advice site, says, “High-quality landscape designs usually have an ROI of 20 percent to 30 percent of the overall house value.” Don’t leave that money on the table — invest in proper landscaping, and it’ll pay for itself down the line.

Feeling Happier at Home

There are no two ways about it. Coming home to a well-landscaped lawn is just plain satisfying. You can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable yard daily and share it with your friends or family. Entertaining company outdoors is always a great way to spend your time, and that reason alone makes it well worth putting effort into your yard.

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