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Once you have a lawn, it is important to provide effective lawn care.

Watering the sod after installation is crucial. To encourage root growth, it is essential to keep the soil and sod moist. To prevent injury, the soil must be kept cool and moist. Sod can take between 12-18 months to adapt to its new environment.

You can still use it for moderate activity as long as it has been properly installed within 10 to 14 days. Although sod is a great product, it should be kept alive for many years.


After sod installation is complete, you can begin watering your sod. Sod is a living organism that needs moisture and ground contact in order to survive.

You should give your new lawn at least 12 inches of water per day. If necessary, you can add more water. The soil should be kept moist for at least two weeks to allow it to become firmly rooted. You can water the lawn by placing a coffee cup on it.

Lifting the corners of the sod and making sure the soil under it (and the soil above it) is very moist will help ensure that it stays moist. A lawn that is not properly watered will make it difficult to walk on.

Weather conditions will determine the frequency and amount of watering. On hot, windy days (80 degrees or higher), one to two waterings per daily will be sufficient. However, it is better not to have longer intervals of irrigation than shorter ones.

Avoid watering areas around driveways, sidewalks and buildings as the heat reflects off of them, which can cause turf damage. Avoid late-night watering if possible.

Your lawn is best watered in the morning. After establishment, the lawn needs approximately one inch of water per week. It can come from rain or be combined with watering to keep the lawn healthy and strong.


After 10 days, pull one corner of the sod. If the sod resists pulling or you see white roots in the soil, you need to mow it. Let the sod dry completely before you mow. This will ensure that it doesn’t sink into your lawn. If you are able to walk on it, it should be safe to mow.

To make the first cut, raise the mower 3 inches. Slowly turn the sod. Depending on how windy or hot it is, you may need to water your lawn every day.

After 2 weeks, your sod should be ready for use. You can lower the mower height to 2 1/2 inches in spring and fall. In summer heat, increase the mower height to 21/2-3 inches to allow for more leaf space.


Your sod has been given enough nutrients to allow it to start. If starter fertilizer was applied during sod installation, you should wait between 4-6 weeks before applying more fertilizer.

One application should not exceed 1 pound of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet.

To maintain a healthy, green lawn, fertilizer can be applied every 4 to 6 week during the growing season. You can prevent lawn burning by watering your lawn 48 hours after fertilizer application.

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