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Zoysia Grass, a dark green grass with fine texture, is a popular choice for SOD gras lawns. Zoysia is a good choice because of its tolerance to salt, foot traffic and shade.

Zoysia is a southern grass that grows slower than other varieties, so it provides a lush, dense lawn. Let’s take a look at how to care for Zoysia grass so that it thrives on your lawn.

Basic Knowledge

Like all southern lawn grasses, Zoysia depends on the soil fertility and rainfall. This means that if you have full sun and lots of rain your zoysia will grow faster, so it will need more mowing.

If you have full sun and average rainfall, your lawn will still look great, but it will require less mowing.

Although zoysia grass needs less fertilization than other grasses it still requires the correct fertilizer to produce a lawn that is strong and resistant to disease and insects. Thatch buildup can also be avoided by feeding your lawn properly. This means fertilizing in spring or summer for zoysiagrass.

Zoysia Lawn Maintenance

You will need to water your new zoysia lawns at least twice a week or until it is fully rooted. Don’t overwater! After the new zoysia has been rooted, it is important to mow immediately at the recommended height. After the zoysia is rooted, fertilizer should be applied.

If you have established zoysia grass lawns, it is important to know about the possible diseases that can affect them. These include dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patches, rust and dollar spot. A professional lawn care service, a local garden center or county extension agent will be able help you identify and treat any problem.

The most common pests that affect zoysia are moles, crickets, nematodes, and moles in the south. These pests love the sandy soils. Your professional lawn service, your local garden center, and country extension agent can provide solutions before any serious damage occurs to your zoysia grass.

Zoysia grass watering

Zoysia can be fully established and is more resistant to drought than other grasses. Therefore, it should only be watered as necessary.

Normal watering rates are one inch per week. However, in areas with less rainfall heat and sun evaporation can mean more watering.

To avoid disease, new zoysia grasses should be watered by the afternoon. Established lawns should not be watered until the morning.

Fertilizing Your Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is less fertile than other southern grasses, as previously stated. If watering is good, fertilizer should only be applied to 1,000 feet of lawn annually at a rate of two to four pounds.

More fertilizer is required if you want to achieve a faster growth rate. Your soil fertility will determine the fertilization rate. A zoysia’s optimal pH level is 6.0-6.5. This means that lime may be required to ensure that it thrives.

Mowing Your Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass thrives if cut to a height of one to two inches. You’ll need to sharpen your mower more often if zoysia grass is allowed to grow longer. If fertilization or watering schedules dictate it, zoysia should be mown weekly. If it is not required, then mowing will be needed every 7 to 14 days.

Mowing new zoysia lawns should be done when they are 2.5 to 3 inches tall.

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