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One of our most frequently asked questions is what tools you may need to install your new sod grass. A few of the tools will be optional but there are several that will be needed if you are not having it professionally installed. Installing new sod can be an exciting project as you will soon have a new yard for your home. It is important to plan and budget ahead of time so you have all of the tools and material ahead of time.

Soil Analysis Kit

The soil analysis kit is helpful for when you’re installing a new lawn; however, it is not necessary to get the job done. A soil analysis kit can be used to test the soil to determine the overall health of your grass. It will help balance your soil’s pH level so that when you apply nutrients such as fertilizer, your grass can absorb all of the nutrients. If your soil pH level is off, the nutrients will not be adequately absorbed, which could mean you would be wasting the money on the fertilizer. Most lawns do best when the pH level is between 6.5 and 7.

Sod Cutter or Roto Tiller

A sod cutter or roto-tiller will prevent you from enduring much physical labor when you are ready to remove your dead grass. A sod cutter or rolo-tiller will remove the top layer of the grass or debris to create a smooth and graded surface for laying new turf.

Topsoil and Rake for Leveling

Topsoil and a landscape rake will be needed for leveling the soil out after you’ve removed the dead grass. After removing the dead grass, all you should have left is soil. Use a landscape rake to loosen up the soil and organic matter across your whole lawn. Next, you will want to use the backside of the landscape rake, which is a smooth, flat surface, to level out the soil’s surface. Topsoil is needed if you need to add more soil to your yard to level it out during the process. The amount of topsoil you will need depends on the size of your yard. You can use an area calculator tool to determine how many square feet you need to cover. Our website features an area calculator tool that you may use to calculate your needed coverage.

Wheelbarrow or Wagon

A wheelbarrow or wagon that comes with pneumatic tires is helpful for when you are laying the sod. If you have to transport sod from one area to another area in your yard, consider a three-wheeled wheelbarrow, which is less prone to tip over.

Utility Box-Cutter or Garden Knife

When installing the sod, you will need to cut individual pieces of sod into irregular shapes to fit different landscaping curves in your yard. The box-cutter razor works well and always keeps a few extra blades handy. A garden knife will be helpful for cutting sod, weeding, and digging as well.

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