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The end of summer is fast approaching as the bells start to ring at back-to-school and the pools close. You might think that cooler temperatures and less sun mean no yard work.

Fall is the best season to renew your landscaping and improve your lawn. No matter what your preference is, autumn isn’t about just hitting the books. You might consider stopping by Lowe’s this fall to get a new wardrobe.

How to Renovate Your Lawn This Fall

Mid-September, depending on the climate, is the best time to renew your lawn. Your grass will thrive in a cooler climate thanks to the sunshine and cooler air.

Because the soil stays warm throughout November, grass seed won’t dry as quickly and doesn’t require as much water as in spring. You don’t need to worry about your beloved gardening friend weeds.

You can take advantage of fall weather to get your lawn in shape for spring by getting started early on your lawn maintenance routine. This will allow your lawn to absorb more nutrients and keep it healthy through the winter months. Your lawn will be green and lush when the sun comes out.

Do I sow or seed my lawn?

You have many options when it comes to lawn care. However, laying turf (or seeding) your lawn is the most popular. Both lawn care methods have their pros and cons. We’ll show you how to choose the best lawn care service for your home.

The Pros and Cons of Sod

  • Quick Fix: You can quickly make a difference in your lawn’s appearance by installing sod. It takes only a few weeks or a month to get the yard ready for sod.
  • More expensive: Seeding is more expensive than sod. You shouldn’t skimp on it. High-quality rolls must be dark green in color and at least 3/4 inch thick. They should also be moist. Don’t leave the sod to dry out. You will have a brown, dry lawn by spring because the sod won’t latch onto the soil.
  • Laying sod in small or large areas: Sod can be laid in both small and large spaces. Sod is more costly so it will work best in smaller spaces.
  • However, if you have limited time, then sod may be the best option.
  • More labor intensive: Laying sod is a laborious job that requires extensive lawn preparation and heavy lifting. This is not a weekend job that can be done on Saturday mornings. Make sure you are completely free for the weekend.

Seeding: The pros and cons

  • Cheaper: Seeding lawn is only a tenth of the cost of sod. This makes it more affordable, especially for larger lawns. It takes longer to grow your lawn than sod, which can take several weeks.
  • It’s easier for DIY pros: Seeding your lawn as a DIY weekend warrior is much easier than for someone who wants to do it themselves. You can find all the supplies you need at your local home improvement store and it takes less time.
  • More natural: Throwing down seeds is a better way to grow a lawn than using sod. It adapts better, and the same seeds can be kept for many years.
  • Longer process: It takes longer to seed a lawn than laying sod. For best results, seeds should be planted in autumn around mid-September. A lawn can take 2-3 months to grow from seeding. It is best to start your lawn renovations in the spring or mid-fall.

Are there any professional requirements to renovate my lawn?

It is a smart idea to hire a professional if you need the job done fast and correctly the first time.

While anyone can find out how to sod or seed their lawn online and then go to the nearest home improvement store, it takes lawn care professionals less time than one day. And we love doing it!

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