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Many homeowners are familiarized with how to plant grass seed to revive their lawn. Properly installed sod can make a beautiful lawn. Sod lawns are rolled up grass pallets that a professional landscaper places onto your yard.

It can be hard to choose between grass seeds or sod. Every situation is unique. You can make informed decisions by knowing the facts about sod.


  • Instant results: Sod transforms bare grass into green grass in a matter of seconds. Sod instantly gives your lawn lushness and fullness, which is unlike the need to plant grass seeds in future. You can also use your grass for outdoor activities.
  • Sod can be more expensive than grass at first. Growing grass from seeds can result in additional costs such as fertilization, over-seeding and weed control. Long-term, sod is more cost-effective.
  • Professionals can prevent weeds by growing sod. The new turf is free from weeds. The dense soil discourages weed seed germination.
  • Healthy Base: Experts in lawn care grow sod. They are able to provide fertilization, watering, and soil that is rich in nutrients. For a healthy lawn, a strong foundation is crucial.
  • Soil Protection:Sod is a thick, green carpet that protects the soil below. It is strong enough to resist erosion, dust, and waterlogging. It stops rain runoff from sloped or hilly areas.

Lawn care with sod is easy. Sod not only solves the immediate problem but also protects soil and keeps your lawn healthy. Sod is an excellent option for growing your lawn.

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