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When selecting between installing pallets of sod and planting your own grass seed, weighing the pros and cons of each remains important.

Many homeowners are familiar with the process of planting grass seed to revive their lawn. However, properly installed sod can create a beautiful lawn.

Sod lawns come as rolled up pallets of grass which a professional landscaper lays out onto your yard.

It can be difficult to decide between grass seeds and sod. Each situation is different. Knowing the facts about sod will help you make an informed decision.


  • Instant results: Sod instantly transforms bare lawn into green grass. Sod, unlike planting grass seeds in the future, instantly makes your lawn lush and full. Your grass will also be ready for outdoor activities.
  • Sod is more expensive at first. Growing grass from seeds can lead to additional costs, such as extra fertilization, over-seeding, and weed control. Sod is more economical long-term.
  • Weed prevention: Professionals grow sod. The new turf is free of weeds. Weed seed germination is discouraged by the dense sod.
  • Healthy Base: Experts in grass care cultivate sod. They provide excellent soil, ample watering, and fertilization. A strong foundation is essential for a healthy lawn.
  • Soil Protection: Sod comes as a thick, green mat and protects the soil beneath. It is mature enough to prevent erosion, dust, and mud. It prevents rain runoff from hilly or sloped areas.

Sod is a great choice for lawn care. It not only solves the immediate problem, but it also protects soil and keeps your grass healthy. Sod is a good option for growing your lawn.

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