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Are you jealous of other people’s lawns? Perhaps you just moved into a house with a weedy lawn. Perhaps you have tried for years to create a yard that is functional. You might be wondering how neighbors manage to have lush yards each year. How can I achieve the same look?

Our quick and efficient treatment of yards has been appreciated by both locals and visitors to Florida and Alabama.

We can help you choose the right sod for your yard. We are happy to install it on a few spots or throughout your entire lawn. We have years of experience and can ensure it is installed correctly the first day.

We will discuss below why sod is such a practical option and what perks it has:

Quick Installation

SOD is made of mature grass and a layer of soil, which are held together by the grass’ roots and/or some netting. When the sod is fully matured, farmers roll it up to transport. This is how we get the unique look of rolled soil.

The most immediate benefit of grass seed is its ability to produce instant results. Although grass seed is cheaper than sod, the results take months to see. Sod will appear lush and well-kept the first day.

Our landscapers are also able to install sod at any time during grass’s growing seasons. You can plan your services around this flexibility.

However, we suggest that you schedule our visit during the peak growth point for the grass you’ve ordered.

We now come to the third point, options. There are many grass types to choose from so you can find the one that suits you best. Our landscapers will recommend the best grass for your space when planning and scheduling your project.

Straightforward Care

Sod has another advantage over grass seed: it is easy to care for. You must fertilize and plant grass seed at the right times. Then, you need to replenish it every year. However, sod is just rolled out and carefully arranged.

That being said, our certified landscapers should install the sod for you. Installing sod improperly can cause it to fail to root and create visible seams. This could lead to a disappointed yard. These outcomes can be avoided by hiring experts to do the job.

Your sod will take about two to three weeks to root in the ground once it is installed. It is important to not disturb it during this time. Your sod lawn will be able to handle daily traffic from your entire family after the initial growth period.

Long-Term Benefits

Sod does more than just give you a lush lawn. Its benefits will last a lifetime and create an outdoor space that is safe and active.

Sod protects soil against erosion. When it is first laid, it acts as a blanket on the ground. However, its roots eventually grow into the soil and keep it in place. Sod also creates a lusher, denser yard than grass seed.

In addition, certified sod is free from weeds. It can also outcompete weed seeds and prevent them from growing, by filling the space up with finely-grown grass. You don’t have to worry about your yard being overrun with crabgrass.

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