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How To Landscape Small Yard Plant Some Trees

It used to be desirable to have a big house with a large lawn. However, times are changing, and more people choose to live smaller. Having a smaller property provides a few nice benefits—it takes less time for routine maintenance, necessary tools are cheaper, and landscaping is often easier. Even if you have a small lawn, it still needs regular care and maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Choose the Right Mower

There are a few different options for lawnmowers that are appropriate for small lawns.

Push reel lawnmowers are compact, lightweight, and inexpensive. They’re entirely manual, so you don’t need to worry about charging a big battery or filling it with gas. Due to this, they’re also an excellent choice for those who prefer environmentally-friendly options.

compact gas mower is also a good option for small lawn care. These need gas, so some additional maintenance goes into them. However, they’re a good fit for lawns that might be a smidge too big for a push reel mower.

There are even robotic lawnmowers, which are basically Roombas for your lawn. This is the most advanced and expensive option, but it might be the right choice for anyone with a small yard that needs help finding the time to mow it. Robotic lawnmowers require some extra thought to consider battery life, and they’re rated for inclines.

Strategic Gardening

While a large property can reserve a significant amount of space for a traditional garden, a small lawn doesn’t have that luxury. Does that mean you have to give up your dream of adding stunning bushes and flowers to your property? Not a chance.

You can use strategic gardening to not only make your small lawn really shine, but you can even make it visually bigger. Place a shrub as a focal point at the far end of your lawn for some added depth, and use vertical gardening to make the best use of your space. Vertical gardening is an excellent option in particular because it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. While one small lawn might use garden trellises, others will attach mason jars to wood boards with twinkle lights, and others will stack terracotta pots and only plant seeds in the front area where they can grow out. All kinds of interesting methods can be used to curate a unique and stunning look for your small lawn garden.

Routine Care

Like any lawn, a small lawn needs the usual routine care. This includes mowing, edging, watering, aerating, overseeding, and other standard lawn maintenance. For small lawns, this upkeep is even more important because any damage will be obvious. The smaller the yard, the more apparent it will be if it becomes diseased or damaged.
Determine what kind of grass you have so you can research the best care methods. You can also start over with a fresh batch of sod, allowing you to choose the best grass for your needs. It’s also a good idea to have your soil tested to determine its health and what kind of amendments you may need to get it into peak condition.

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