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It is important to understand that your new sod could be damaged by many things.

Is your new sod becoming yellow or brown? Is your new sod becoming brittle? We don’t believe so.

Let’s look at some possible causes for your new sod problems.

Too much water

This is a big one. Once established, your new sod will require plenty of water.
But not too much. It’s worse to drown than to overwater.

Many homeowners panic when they see brown spots on their new sod. To make the lawn dry, they add more water.

Sod webworms could cause those brown spots. These insects lay eggs in your grass. If they hatch, the larvae can eat your grass. Root-rot is almost always irreversible if you over-water.

New sod lawns can be hard to maintain. We have provided detailed instructions on how to water new sod in our care guide. These are extremely detailed instructions.

It will tell you when and how long to water. You will also know which irrigation heads you should use each time.

There are many different ways to water new grass, depending on what type of grass it is and when it was grown.

Our instructions for sod yard care will answer all your questions.

Too little water

Water is essential to keep your seedlings alive.

It is very thirsty.

Every part of your lawn should be watered. Sprinklers sometimes miss corners or edges and dry these areas faster than the rest.

Reflected heat can cause asphalt and concrete to dry quicker. Water may be required.

Is your sod deteriorating? It could be that you are not watering enough. Roots can dry quickly and gaps may appear if the soil loses moisture after installation.

New Sod Lawn Care: Diseases

Your new sod will require more water as it grows. It could become more susceptible to mold.

How do you know if there is fungus? As with other lawn care problems, it’s not easy to tell if fungus is present.

You might notice brown spots. This could mean that your plant requires more water. This could worsen the problem.

Pay attention. Pay attention.

Apply a systemic or curative insecticide within seven days of sod installation to prevent future problems.

New Sod Problems: Insects

The sod webworm is the largest insect that can cause new sod problems.
These pests lay eggs in your soil and then eat your grass.

Ours is the only sod provider that uses a webworm prevention product in the region. This prevents the pests from infesting the sod.

Apply an insecticide within 7 calendar days of sod installation to prevent pests.

New Sod Lawn Care: Weeds are Not Too Important

Weeds are not a concern for new sod and won’t be on our list.

Weed control is not possible within the first few weeks. New turf can be damaged by weed control products. Due to the increased water requirement for new turf, you may also notice weeds.

Reduce watering as per the schedule and mow as soon possible to stop weeds.

Pro Tip: Before you have your SOD delivered, inspect your irrigation system.

New sod needs lots of water for the first few weeks, or even months.

It is not a good idea to discover after you’ve set up your new sod that there are problems with your controller, zone, or heads.

This information is crucial so you are aware of what to do prior to your sod delivery.

New Sod Problems: Keep an eye on it

Keep an eye on potential problems as your lawn grows.

You should be looking out for signs such as browning or chewing. This could be a sign that your lawn has webworms or fungus.

How do you know if there is something wrong? Give us a call.

Ground Source is the best way to avoid new SOD problems

Your new sod should thrive. We all want the same thing.

We give you all the information you need to maintain your lush, green lawn.

Our expertise extends beyond being sod experts. We can help you design your outdoor space.

Landscape design, irrigation, and sod: We can make your yard a place you love to spend your time in.

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