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Winter weather can be hard on grass in Alabama and Florida. This makes it difficult for homeowners to maintain a healthy lawn. You can reverse the damage caused by severe weather conditions.

Although it may seem like a lot, it is really only a matter of planning. The best way to ensure your lawn grows is by taking care of it properly.

Check Your Lawn

When you see your grass again, which in New England might not be until mid July, take a good look around. You should inspect the “thatch,” which is a layer of grass that has dried on your lawn. Air out your grass if it is more than half an inch deep.

To dethatch your lawn, use a dethatching brush (a metal rake that has fine teeth). Use the brush to rake lightly but vigorously. Dead grass can be removed by this method. If left untreated, it could prevent your plants from receiving the sunlight, oxygen, or water they require.

Take care of your lawn

Your grass hibernates in winter, just like a bear. Your grass also wakes up hungry after hibernation. It will recover all of the nutrients it has lost in the last few months if you give your lawn a good spring feed. You must act quickly if you suspect that your lawn was affected by crabgrass last year.

Use a pre-emergent that will nourish your lawn, and also contains ingredients to prevent crabgrass from growing in the exact same places. The first time your lawn needs to be mowed is a good time for feeding it.

Wait for water, then do it right

You might be tempted to immediately water your lawn and mow it. Give it time to grow. This is because longer grass protects the roots and makes it more durable.

It’s normal for your lawn to have some brown spots at first. This is normal and will disappear after it rains a few times. Then water your grass twice per week.

To prevent lawn evaporation, water sprinklers should be used either in the morning or night. Your seep hoses should be moved eight inches every thirty seconds.

Attention to areas of grass that aren’t as springy or lush as the rest of your lawn. They may require more water. Keep in mind that you want to keep your grass healthy and lush for the summer. It is important to water your lawn regularly.

Don’t wait to mow. Let it grow

While you may be tempted to go outside to mow your lawn right away, it is better to wait until the grass starts to grow. It can cause grass to become agitated, especially if it is just beginning to grow roots. Wait until your grass grows to the height of your mower blade, which should be about one inch.

Avoid walking or mowing your lawn in wet weather. After the grass has dried, you can mow your lawn as you have been waiting for.

Seed barre patches

Don’t panic if your lawn is thinning or lacking in some areas. It is easy to just seed it. You can water your soil lightly and gently agitate it with your de-thatching brush. This will prepare your soil for your grass.

The next step is to sprinkle the grass seed on the areas that are bare or thinned and then cover it with about a quarter inch of soil. Water the seeded areas at least twice daily. You will need to give your new grass extra care.

Take Care to Remove Weeds

Acidic lawns are more susceptible to weed growth and moss growth. You should check the pH levels of your soil during winter. Limestone or ground chalk can be used to lower the acidity. But, it is important not to overuse it.

Sprinkle approximately two ounces of weed killer per square foot for best results. Also, you should find a suitable weed killer that can be applied in spring or summer and then again in the fall. You can go organic by removing weeds with an old knife.

Winter can be hard on grass. However, restoring its natural beauty can be done easily if you follow these steps.

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