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A freshly cut lawn of green grass adds the final touch to a home. Although planting from seeds takes patience, time and skill, it is possible to install some sod in no time.

Below are some of the benefits to sod installation that every homeowner should consider when wanting a new swath of grass.

What does sod installation do for your landscaping?


It can take seeds several weeks to reach a healthy height, and many more to establish roots. Sod can be installed in a matter of days, giving your lawn an immediate turnaround.


Growing grass from seed requires the right temperature and the right amount of moisture. Your lawn may go crazy faster than it was intended if there is too much rain, too much heat, or too little cold.

Sod is more durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions better when it’s installed.


Seeds need to be planted at the right time depending on what type of grass is being grown. However, sod can be installed anytime the ground isn’t frozen. This gives you more time to install your lawn.


For the first few weeks of planting seeds, it is important to water them heavily. However, you must not overwater. However, newly planted sod does not require the same amount of watering.

Rate of success

Planting grass seeds from seed is not a sure thing. Many homeowners have had to rip up their lawns to plant new grass, only to find a patchy, muddy, and unattractive mess. Sod installation guarantees a new lawn with 100% coverage.

Control of erosion

Grass helps control erosion, and because sod is fully mature from the day it’s installed, it begins doing its job immediately. One rainstorm can cause soil erosion by allowing grass to grow from seed.

There is less patchwork

A new-seeded lawn may fill in in some places but not in others. This leaves you with some patchwork work after seeding. Installed evenly, a sodded lawn leaves no bare spots.

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