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It is essential to water your lawn for at least 10 to12 days after it has been installed. The soil should be able to absorb water up to 4 inches. A long screwdriver is sufficient to reach the ground.

Water all areas after the sod is laid. You should water all areas to make sure that it remains moist and water penetrates the soil at least 4 to 6-inches.

You should continue this process for at least 10 to 12 days until roots form. If the sod layer is not dry enough before roots form, your new lawn could suffer serious damage. If you notice signs of dryness, such as foot prints or blue-gray grass blades, your sod should get watered.

Water the roots every 2 to 4 days after they are attached to the soil. You can adjust the amount and frequency of watering based on soil type, root depth and topography. It is best to water soil less often, but to a depth between 4 and 6 inches.

Root growth can be affected by a decrease in water use and root growth may become shallower. Check with your sprinkler installer or manufacturer to ensure that water is properly applied.

Winter watering should take place approximately every 3-4 week depending on the weather. This is particularly important if you have sod in the fall.

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