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Watering on the second through fifth days

To ensure your turf thrives, it is important that you check your lawn at the least once per day for the first week. You may need to check your lawn for moisture more often in hot or windy conditions.

To inspect the new lawn, you can walk on it. It is too wet if you see water puddles and soil so soft you can leave footprints on it. If you are unable to walk on your lawn and notice that the soil is firm, it is best to lift the grass from several spots. The soil should not be dry or dripping wet.

Additional watering

It is time to reduce the amount of water you use after about five days. You risk drowning your lawn or preventing root growth by not reducing the water you apply to it.

Waterlogged soils will stop grass plants from growing! This is the right time to increase the interval between waterings. You will need to reset an automatic sprinkler system. This philosophy is important: Deep, frequent watering.

Pay attention to the color of your sod when watering. Green is good, while blue-green is not. Yellow-tan is an indication that the sod has been heat- or moisture stressed and will go dormant.

Signs of sub-watering

The grass in areas that have wilted or become straw-colored are not getting enough water. You will notice green grass turning brown in a matter of hours. This is the most obvious sign of under-watering. If you take immediate action, the roots and crowns of your grass plant will still be alive. In most cases, new leaf growth will occur in 7-10 days.

Cracks between rows of sod are another sign of under-watering. These signs are indicative of under-watering and can be corrected by watering more frequently than usual.

Temperatures over 80 degrees are considered to be more hot and require more water. However, temperatures below 60 degrees are considered to be less hot. Sod requires less water in the cooler months of March-April, October, and November.


After installation, your new carpet should be mowed every 6-7 days. It is important to not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade in a single mowing. When the grass is 3″-3 1/2 inches tall, mow.

Your mower should be set at 2″-2 1/2″. Keep your mower blades clean for best results.

When can I start using the sod?

The sod must be allowed to root in the soil for the best results. The soil beneath the sod is often softened by early watering, making it more susceptible to ruts. While it won’t harm the soil, making deep footprints in soft soil will cause uneven lawns.

Until root establishment is complete, you should not use your lawn for more than two weeks. Until four weeks have passed, avoid concentrated play activities, dog traffic, or other rough usage. You are free to enjoy your lawn visually.

Weed killers

You don’t need to use any weed killers on your new sod. If you see a dandelion, or any other small weed, pull it out. Make sure to also remove the root. Roots can be pulled out to ensure that the weeds do not come back.

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