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Percolation of Nutrients

It is essential to remember that your lawn can be considered a plant and requires the same things as any other plant. To grow, or to survive winter hibernation, plants require sunlight, water, and air. The thick leaves can prevent your grass from receiving these essential components. Raking leaves in autumn is an important chore.

Raking Leaves Helps Prevent Various Diseases

Additionally, mattened leaves can prevent new grass from growing in spring. Your lawn could become infected with diseases such as snow mold or pests. It is worthwhile to do some preventative work by raking leaves. These large leaves will not be able properly decompose and break down by spring.

Alternatives to Raking Leaves

You don’t have to rake your leaves. This is good news for your hands that are blistered! You can instead run your mower across the leaves and mulch them into small pieces. Be sure to get rid of any sticks or twigs! These small pieces can fall between the blades.

These leaves can be left on your lawn as fertilizer or mulch. This is very similar to leaving grass cuttings in your lawn. You can also use the bag attachment to your mower. After you have collected them, you can place the mulched leaves in your garden or compost container.

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