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The condition of your landscape can make or break the curb appeal of your property. A healthy lawn reduces soil erosion, improves air quality, and can boost the value of your property.
While you can get a beautiful lawn in numerous ways, installing sod is one of the most effective options. Despite the many perks of sod, some individuals are hesitant to try it due to the various myths and misinformation surrounding sod installation. This blog dispels some of the most common sod myths to help you determine if the option is right for you.

1. Sod is Expensive

Many property owners agree that they have yet to install sod primarily out of fear of cost. While the initial cost of sod installation can be expensive, the long-term savings make up for the initial expense.
First, unlike grass seeds, sod takes less time to establish, resulting in lush greenery within a short time period. Also, since sod is already sprouted, you won’t have to spend months watering it as you would with grass seeds, helping you save on utility bills. Sod also requires less fertilizer and chemicals to maintain, which enables you to save more on lawn maintenance costs. Furthermore, sod grows evenly, unlike grass seeds, which may sprout unevenly and cause you to reseed. Although you may spend more on sod installation, sod provides more cost-efficiency in the long term.

2. Sod is hard to install

Some people avoid installing sod due to the misconception that it is complex to install. While this may be true in some cases, sod installation can be easy if you understand how to install it properly. You can hire a professional if you lack the expertise to install sod. Professional contractors have the right tools and experience to provide outstanding results. The experts will guide you step by step, making the process easy.
Alternatively, if you prefer to install sod yourself, you will need some time to research the process, get the right tools, and learn how to prepare the installation surface, lay the sod, and care for it. However, with the proper knowledge, you can install a stunning landscape quickly.

3. Sod will harm the environment

Environment enthusiasts may be skeptical about installing sod due to its environmental impact, but the opposite is true. First, sod does not require chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about toxic substances seeping into the soil. Moreover, sod offers a healthy lawn, which means cleaner air, less noise, and improved soil erosion prevention.

4. Sod farming depletes nutrients from the soil

Another common sod myth is that it depletes nutrients from the soil. It’s understandable why some people would think that growing grass, cutting it off, and installing it on different surfaces can lead to soil nutrient depletion.
However, sod farms have innovative practices to ensure the soil remains healthy and highly nutrient-rich. The suppliers leave some roots in the soil after harvesting, which helps the soil retain nutrients.
Sod is a great way to create an exquisite landscape without much hassle. Understanding the common sod myths and facts can help you make informed choices during installation.

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